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How to overcome insecurity ?


 How to overcome insecurity 

Everyone experiences insecurity at times. I know what’s it’s like to feel inferior to others and insecure about myself. I grew up in a very unstable, volatile home environment and never really felt safe and secure throughout my childhood. That’s why it’s very important to me to feel safe and secure in my life now.There are many reasons that can cause someone to feel insecure. Insecurity prominently stems from your upbringing, where as children you feel unloved, or rejected, or criticised by your parents or primary caregiver. This experience will impact on children in their later years and into adulthood. Trauma from abuse can often lead to insecurity and distorted self-belief, such as “It must be my fault”, “I’m asking for it”, ” If only I did what was asked”, ” There must be something wrong with me”, “I’m ugly”, etc. Failures from achieving things can add to the feelings of insecurity.Even though insecure people will rely on other people’s opinions or situations to boost their self-esteem, they often struggle to trust others because they cannot trust themselves. They tend to see and view the world from the negative side and they can become very critical of themselves and others, often projecting their own issues on others. Insecurity impacts people’s work performance, their relationship with their partner, their parenting and their friendships.Sometimes insecure people deny that they are insecure and try to convince themselves that they are not as bad as others. Therefore, they often look at other people’s shortcomings or judge others to make themselves feel better. Some can appear to be cocky and arrogant or boastful because they feel threatened by others and their achievements. Insecure people can be easily reactive as a defence mechanism in order to protect themselves, or easily get angry to show others that they are wrong. They also have difficulties in recognising their own mistakes.

However, some might behave in the opposite way, being withdrawn, having self-contempt and easily deflecting any compliments given to them.

inspite of all these words  we can overcome our fear and insecurties on can only be dealt by help of yourself ,you are the one who can help you. 

loving yourself is only way to feel okay .

Here are some ways you can show yourself some love:

Nurture your body by getting a massage or facial.

Do your favorite workout at least 30 minutes each day.

Unplug from your phone or take a social media detox.

Treat yourself to a nourishing meal.

Practice self-compassion; talk nicely to yourself.

How to Stop Being Insecure and Build Self-Esteem?

Affirm your value.

Prioritize your needs.

Embrace the awkward.

Challenge your thoughts.

Keep good company.

Step away.

Reflect on the good.

Make time for joy.

note_- purpose of this article is to help out people who needs to read this and get some help;so share a lot to those you think need to see this ,\.

             content of this article is from research from various sites and one to one interaction with some people.

Thank you

@Adarsh kumar

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