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एक सख्स

             ❤️वो वो अपने अंदर इतना कुछ छुपाए रखते हैं जब भी दोस्तों से मिला करते हैं. ग़म को किनारा कर चेहरे पे बस  मुस्कान  बनाए रखते हैं, अरे देखो ना यार इन्हें,  ये कितना कुछ छुपाए रखते हैं लोगों ने खुशियां बांट  अपने आंखों में आंसू सजाए रखते हैं अरे देखो ना यार वो अपने अंदर कितना कुछ छुपाए रखते हैं, अपनों से कोई उम्मीद नहीं है उन्हें बस अपने ज़िन्दगी की कहानियां   अजनबी बन लोगों को बताया करते हैं, देखो ना यार वो अपने अपनों से भी कितना कुछ छुपाए रखते हैं    आदर्श कुमार Insta:- @iamadarsh_xd

Be Yourself 💕💕

        BE YOURSELF by Adarsh HEY GUYS , First of all  i would like to explain you all, the meaning of topic what do you mean by be   yourself? first/ i will explain this  question  then we will move forward on this topic. Being ourselves is the easiest and the coziest thing i have ever found. being our self means whatever we are in reality as our character,our mindset, our thought process our way of reacting to a situation when we are alone v/s when we are in public ,if we are same as we are alone and if we are with public. That is called being ourselves . I mean when you do not fear to react or give a opinion on your own without thinking about people this is called being our self. Now i think i should be moving forward on our topic. As a point  is coming of my  thought process , our mind passes number of things a time and there are only few things we consider and those things we are considering from our thought process really matters,but sometime we force our thought process  to cha