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Little things do matter or not???!

All you think you can do is to change how you react to it but if you practice little things you will stop reacting and start responding in life. We have tons of reason for doing little things in life to express positive about the importance of little things in life . The little things in life matter most. However we get so caught up in the big moments that we don't see them . In today's fast-paced, forward thinking world, it's easy to forget about the little things in life. People get so consumed with the big house, flasy cars, and the million money dreams, that they forget to relish the happiness that the little things in life brings. The big things are great but i have found the smallest of the things have made me the happiest . A senior lecturer of physcology in notiggham university says , An effective route to happiness is not necessary through experiencing major events. Rather it is small , and often unexpected pleasure in life is mostly caused by smal