Perception of life

perception is what the way we see things going and the first things comes in our mind regarding that topic is that what is our mindset  about any topic and hence going our things done is the thing we should ensure making right tactics in dealing with then and hence it is very important to get to be discovered and get our thing done in case of any equivalence criteria of our need of the moment we are hereby concerned about anything that may lead us to  of getting things done and hence in this way of perception works and we find ourself useful as hell .that,s how we conclude our way of thinking and get our work done in a very good manner and it leads to a good perception.

In other words we can say that if we are giving idea about any topic or thing ,idea that first comes in our mind on knowing the matter is what we call perception or the way we thinks..
We cam be curious about the things going around us in many ways of knowing things.
It is human nature to interfere in matters that seems interesting to them.
Or we can say one thing that if we want perception can be changed it is one of important thing about this topic because if we give our wrong idea or advice to the victim or person the case may be worsened so we are adviced to  think things before we say about it and it matters and it is very important there can be different ideology differing p2p yes...
We cannot say a particular thought exactly correct or ture we should think and then we should make a opinion about it...and opinion should not be particular .
This is what i my self called real advice or perception...and we should change it in the ways things are going on...and we must should ensurw making things right that us good for we and our society individuals.
You have read many times about making things right because it is not the way we look upon a topic or thing we should ensure making a good decision on right time .
   Adarsh Kumar

insta:- @lucifer_ad1


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