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shining star gives us  just a few amount of light it doesn't mean  it has not as much  light as sun.
the fact is they are very far from us as well as sun is very near ,
the theme of explaining above fact is we cannot judge a person who is not close to us we can only judge a person we know from close.
So on behalf of this explanation never judge a person whether you know them or not this doesn't matter .
AS newtons 3rd law of motion is every action has equal and opposite reaction  my theme of explaining the law is related to my explanation is if we judge a person he\she will also judge us back  so break the flow and we can make society of good choice and good thinking of our type where only love and peace will reside and yes it is truth that it is not a dream it can be possible if we make effort.
it doesn't mean that we can never judge a person it only mean that we should do what can we do for our well being and well of society mentality and a peaceful mindsets .
If we go on our funny part of article everyone is somehow dumbo in their ways and we can do anything about that fact.   .
One thing is we have to be self satisfied  not selfish now some of you will comment down about we have to be selfish to get success and if  are succeed we are satisfied i agree on that fact that it is the right thing but somehow it is not correct to do that way .
we should be of helpful nature to get things done in their right aroma and if i say you a fact that if you are willing to help someone you will definitely get satisfaction it is my personel experience not just words.
my thinking is our emotion do matters in many ways of getting things known to us,.We are emotional beings and every little things matters to us     .
to be continued in next article .

a article by adarsh 


  1. good peice sir...waiting for more..your articles are really motivating


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