Decision Making....!!!!

               what is decision making/???!!!!

Decision making is just that it sounds like; the action or process of making decisions .Sometimes we make logical decisions ,but there are many times we make emotional,irrational ,poor and confusing choices.this article is about why we make poor decision and how can we be able to make good decision.\

why we make poor decisions//?\

I think of myself as a rational person,but i,m not the one.The good news is it,s not only me or you. We all are irrational/.
For long time researchers economists believed that humans made logic and things going around logical and well considered decisions.
In recent decades.the researchers have uncovered a wide range of mental problems causing derailing our thinking.\
lets talk about mental errors that show up most frequently in our lives break them down easy to understand on different level/
We have a tendency to care too much about our present selves . If you want to beat procrastination and make a better long term choices, then you have to find a way to act your present self act in the best interest of your future self .


The smartest way to improve your decision making skills is to use or consider mental models /.
A mental model is a framework or theory that actually explain why the world works n the way it does.
Or we can say that taking any type of good decision is easy in a way that we have to think accumulated information about that particular thing and then take decisions then our decision will be good.we must think once not several times that whatever things are going around one particular decision is good or not .
it also depends on our physical well being which affects our decision taking ,so if we are good in all  ways emotional physical an phsycological as well then our decision will be perfect
now we talking about how to take a good decision then it is as we have to be emotionless when taking decision i mean to say that with  due our emotion our decision should not be affected ,
then we have to outline the issue or we can say that whatever problem or thing we are dealing with we should be clear about the issue .
after knowing the issue gather information about the issue that how can we solve and can get a good decision on that particular topic.
if we are taking decision we must keep ourself out of decision to take  a risk free decision and we can say a fare decision.
thats it is how can we convert our decision taking skill.
it is also a part of  self control topics thats why i,v written on this .

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Adarsh Kumar


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