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        इश्क़ रास्तों में मुस्किलें मिलेंगी  तुम रुकना मत, बस कुछ देर बाद मंजिलें भी मिलेंगी, फिर भी तुम रुकना मत, राहें अनजान होंगी, मुसकिलें नादान होंगी, तुम रुकना मत, ख़ैर, इस एकतरफा इश्क़ का तुम्हे खामियाजा भी मिलेगा, उससे परेशान होकर तुम रुकना मत.., इश्क़ करना छोड़ना मत..!                   Adarsh ©Adarsh @alphaz_mere

Decision Making....!!!!

               what is decision making/???!!!! De cision making is just that it sounds like; the action or process of making decisions .Sometimes we make logical decisions ,but there are many times we make emotional,irrational ,poor and confusing choices.this article is about why we make poor decision and how can we be able to make good decision.\ why we make poor decisions//?\ I think of myself as a rational person,but i,m not the one.The good news is it,s not only me or you. We all are irrational/. For long time researchers economists believed that humans made logic and things going around logical and well considered decisions. In recent decades.the researchers have uncovered a wide range of mental problems causing derailing our thinking.\ lets talk about mental errors that show up most frequently in our lives break them down easy to understand on different level/ We have a tendency to care too much about our present selves . If you want to beat procrastination and

रात ख्वाबों की..!

    रात ख्वाबों की..! इक हसीन रात हो, तेरे हाथों में मेरा हाथ हो, और तो कुछ नहीं बस, चांद तारों का साथ हो..!                   Adarsh