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why we are unhappy?

Every now and then, you may ask,

Why i'm so unhappy?

Unhappiness comes in many shades of gray. Sometimes people just lack joy.

is their emotional darkness their own choice ? Or are life circumstances beyond their control ?
while dippression  , and other physcological diseases ,are certainly a clinical illness and should not me minimised , there are also factors that contribute to feeling down that you can influence .

here are some of the reasons you may be unhappy, and suggestions to get back to you r natural form and always shine like sunshine .

One of the point is we  worry as much ;-
.WORRY creates inner turmoil . It  is like a rocking chair moving feverishly, . but going nowhere . Worrying does not create action, it freezes you so much so that you  are unable to think clearly and make changes to ensure  the negative outcomes never happens.

your energy would be better utilized in changing things that you can control, and letting rest go.

"Do not  worry !Be happy! " The lack of worries can certainly create happiness!.

you can hold on percieved idea of control.
as your faith is strenghthened  you will frind that there is no longer the need to have a sense of control
.that things will flow as they will , and will flow with them  , to your great delight and benefit.
At times , people seem to believe that they stepped out of a superhero  comic book . They believe that they can control everything  very well and things will turn out exactly  what they planned .What a burden to carry ! You would certainly need superman's strenght to pic up that weight . However , the reality is that we don't have ability to control anything else other than ourselves . Once you make peace  with this , you find the pressured is off  and you start to enjoy the scenery of the journey,instead of plotting the impossiblity.

another fact is we should have have a great control over anger.
holding a grudge has about the me logic as drinking poision and waiting for other person to die .You are harming yourself by carrying all the negative energy .
let the bitterness go for your own benifit. The person who criticied you is probably having a great time without not giving you a second thought. You  should never make a fix thought about anything we should first observe actions then according to that we should react on that particular topic,while you waste your life by sending death rays to the people to.
you believe everyone should play with your rules if you expect the world. that  to be fair  you are fooling yourself
That is like expecting the lion not  to eat you because you didn't eat him.
 the sooner you will accept the rules of this dirty world happier you will be.people got angry generally because someone violates their deeply felt idea .

Another point  is saying so you are possibly unhappy when you compare yourself with other . most people play internal comparision game  . usually they scrutinize only one small area of that person's life and see where the match up .for example i  may compare myself from some great writers and determine he is greater writing capability than me , i will be dufinitely end up being dipressed and unhappy. However being end up on small activity is somehow that can be depressing in someway, but that is not the right way of dealing with problems

If you can't simply stop measuring things, take a inward comparison dive instead .Are you a better person than you were yesterday? .
you choose to be happy only when all of your dreams come true .
Happiness is not determined by what is happening around you , but rather what is happening inside you . Most people depend on others to gain happiness , but the truth is , it always comes within .
Who is a happier person" the one who decides, 'I will make as much many money or one one who want to spend some good quality time with their family .
having a lofty goals are great . But when you tie your happiness to future succcessess that may or may not happen ,you never find joy you want in your life you live today.
Find things that thrill you today , and let  your tomorrow surprise you.

You are  a glass   half  empty   person......

"you become what you focus on and like people you spend time with "

if you are a pessimistic person ,you will notice all the bad in your life , Your perception becomes your reality.
 instead choose to focus on good people , the brighter moments  beauty and blessings surrounding you,
The more you focus on sunshine the less the shadows will invade your perspective.
We are naturally social creatures and  nurturing relationships makes up a large part of life ,if you find yourself depressed make effort to change it.
finding friendship will certainly helpinG improving your enthusiasm and what each day brings.
you can find good people and you can make them friends who share similar opinion and same thinking beliefs .
which may help in you forgetting all depressing moments so that you can move on in your life in and stay happy ,

Stay away from people who make you unhappy.

NEVER expect anything from people,,
we get hurt because of our expectations..


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