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इश्क़ की दास्तां

अभी तो आए हो, यूंही चले जाओगे। अभी तो मैं रूठा हूं, बताओ मुझे कब मनाओगे। एक शाम बिताओ इन सितारों के बीच, यकीन मानो भूल ना पाओगे। अभी अभी तो तुमने इकरार किया है तुमने, बताओ इजहार कब करोगे। शायद, अभी तो मुझे इश्क़ हुआ है बताओ तुम्हे कब होगा।                     Adarsh kumar Insta:-@alphaz_mere

HOW to make anyone feel good!?

Be the person that makes others feel special be known for your kindness and grace. --writer unknown There are many ways to make anyone feel good/special. i will explain few of them i think it will really work for you so, read the full article to know every thing about the topic. so lets start.... lets suppose you are talking to somebody and you are also doing a particular work that time then stop that work and pay attention to their words by making a slight eye contact with him/her. They will feel special at that moment. recognize if they are feeling down or depressed you can sentences like ,i think you are awesome and i hope you can do it and things will go in right place.You can do things as complement them on their looks appearance as their smartness a small weight loss may be which make them feel you care for them.   Say, “I want   you to know you   make a difference   in my life. Thank you for being you.” tell them that you believe them that they can achie