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'Addiction' ; how to get rid of this????

First of all i would like to explain about addiction it is mainly a physical or pshycological need to do, take or use something, to the point where it could be harmful for us.
There are many reasons of a person to be addicted or said to be in addiction. Addiction word is usually used for a bad impact of anything on you/us . Being addicted to something means not having it cause need having it cause you are as alike you can say you are bound by your mind to take it or repeat a process.
Addiction may be of a drugs , devices , stuffs, music and much more addictive things are countless if i say you all. Addiction may be also for good purposes as 
Someone is addicted to read books as novels  some has singing addiction which can also  led  them to get  a successful   life .
But now a days there is different form of addiction as social sites games and much more.we can see our friends playing continuously games like pub-g and they don,t even care about their future . I personally feel they are losing control upon their emotional part of their mind and sensing ability , they forget all the important stuffs to do . if a person is addicted to education you can personally get it how much success he or she can get in his carrier  . addiction can not  be always good for one.

NOW, lets explain how to get rid of this ;- values play a critical role in addiction- and your values are likely to be the key to your escaping addiction. This is a matter of both considering what your values are even developing new ones. When we can truly experience how a habit is damaging  what is most important to you,the steps out of your destructive habit often fall readily into places.
While you can utilize any of a wide range of values in your fight against addiction -and to a certain extent you can go with whatever works for you-it is fight. Some values even support continued bad habits and compulsions .
accomplishing constructive and socially valued goals, such as participating in exams ,sports ,getting an higher degree or succeeding in your life somehow works for you.
it might not feel good to acknowledge all the ways  in which your addiction is harming you  but seeing list on the paper will help you resolve to stop as soon as possible :- address why you become addicted to that one particular thing think about your health being affected by addiction .
Note that how a particular addiction has led your relationship with other people. does prevent you from giving them enough time and that spoils your relationship,and that may also led you to a dipression  which may led you to suicide which left your  relatives get broken.
So seek a professional support it might not seem like it now,but you are going to need all support.
another one is identify your trigger point as everyone has a certain trigger point that make them automatically indulge their habits for example if you are struggling with alcohol addiction ,you might find it difficult to attend a certain restaurant without feeling a strong urge to drink .if you are addicted to gambling ,passing by a casino on the way from work might make you feel compelled to stop .knowing your triggers will help you face them down when time comes to quit,
STRESS is often a trigger for all kind of addictions.
Start ramping down your addictive habit; INSTEAD of quitting immediatly start by decreasing your use . For most people ,this makes it easier to quit .Indulge less frequently ,and gradually continues reducing it as your day to quit for good approach.
 Start arranging a positive environment for yourself as alike consider replacing the objects with items that help you feel positive and calm.
Your environment will give you feeling of having a fresh start.
fill your time doing some positive social interactions it can stimulate the elict of feelings of happiness and satisfaction without need of drug type substance.
after this you can enjoy your time with your family and make them happy .


Adarsh kumar



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