How to DEVELOP slef-control ?!

If we were entirely logical , we,d be able to abandon our bad habits and curb temporary moments of insanity and practice self control.Our logic is paired with emotions however,and sometimes emotions make us to take poor decision.Thats were self control comes in. This is a deeper look into it that how self control work.
strategies for developing self control:
one have to have a goal .  GOAls basically guide our choices.The more specific the goal, better abl0e
 the people tom reach it. a highly abstract goal may not be actionable eg. to get healthy. effective goal persuits follow smart criteria specific, measurable attianable, realistic,and time based. the more you will eager to persue your aim or goal you are likely to make EFFORTS and SACRIFICES .
the strength of people devotion towards the commitment of of the person determins his self control.
this is knows as motivation towars your work .see my point of view is if your aim or focus on your aim or goal is fix then you will be willing to remove your habits that are mean to destroy your dream.that is what  i call self control!!

and the one of the most important thing is you have to keep self confidence in yourself .. In face of difficulty,people with weak self confidence beliefs  easily develop doubt about your ability to accomplish that task . Whereas those with strong beliefs in themself are more likely to continue to complete any type of work easily when dificult situation arises in front of them.

thanks ;;;; Adarsh Kumar


  1. This is one way... You should try to relevant more ways but you done very well i appreciate you.


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