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Dealing with Disappointment

When it comes to dealing with disappointment, the way you choose to handle it can determine how your life will turn out. When we feel disappointed, all that means is that something or someone failed to meet up to our expectations. For most people, this occurs when they try to reach for a goal and come up short. Everyone will have to deal with this. They way you handle this situation will determine your success or failure in life. Let’s take a deeper look into why we feel disappointed and some things you can do to overcome this feeling. Expectations are nothing but rules. These rules will dictate, at least in your mind, what has to happen before a satisfactory result is achieved. Let’s say you wanted to lose 15 months in 30 days. You go out there and you start working out and eating right. You do everything the experts tell you and when the 30 days is up, you step on the scale and find out you only lost 1 kg. Chances are that you will feel quite disappointed. The reason is becau