ADVANTAGE of being a good observer[ADA]

Some advantages of being a good observer:
  • You notice things other people miss. Even things right in front of you can be missed or overlooked if you have not focused on them. By being a good observer you pay attention to both the big picture and the small details.
  • You position yourself to make connections and linkages. What you observe can be incorporated into your description of the results that occurred. For instance, a good description, fueled by your observations, is important when it comes to interpreting the success of an experiment.
  • Good observations fuel the quality of feedback you can provide. If you have been asked to observe a situation (e.g. a presentation given to a group), then your feedback will be more valuable when it is built on tangible observations.
connect observing with intentionality. My opinion is that watching is just “seeing” something unfold. Observing, in my mind, is being intentional regarding what you are looking at, hearing, smelling or touching. You focus on things such as tone of voice, the color and smell of a flower, the sound of a babbling brook, etc. By being intentional you might not observe everything in a given situation. The counterbalance, though, is you are likely to increase the quality of your observations and with that achieve greater impact


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