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This is such a great question because it is the most intensely personal question you could ever ask someone. A person’s answer to this question will immediately reveal a number of things: his/her religion, his/her thoughts about the present world and the future, and this strange little thing we call ‘spirituality,’ or as I like to define it, a personal belief and approach to living that reconciles the tricky concepts of life, death, and subjective experience. last year I began having trouble sleeping because I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about death. Even if I did fall asleep, I’d often wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat because my mind would inevitably wander to the certainty of death and trying to imagine the subjective experience of death, which of course was a futile exercise. The unknown scared the crap out of me, and the fact that it was going to happen whether I liked it or not filled me with despair. Each night this incredible fear would engulf me as I