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How to overcome insecurity ?

    How to overcome insecurity  Everyone experiences insecurity at times. I know what’s it’s like to feel inferior to others and insecure about myself. I grew up in a very unstable, volatile home environment and never really felt safe and secure throughout my childhood. That’s why it’s very important to me to feel safe and secure in my life now.There are many reasons that can cause someone to feel insecure. Insecurity prominently stems from your upbringing, where as children you feel unloved, or rejected, or criticised by your parents or primary caregiver. This experience will impact on children in their later years and into adulthood. Trauma from abuse can often lead to insecurity and distorted self-belief, such as “It must be my fault”, “I’m asking for it”, ” If only I did what was asked”, ” There must be something wrong with me”, “I’m ugly”, etc. Failures from achieving things can add to the feelings of insecurity.Even though insecure people will rely on other people’s opinions or

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