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why we are unhappy?

Every now and then, you may ask,

Why i'm so unhappy?
Unhappiness comes in many shades of gray. Sometimes people just lack joy.
is their emotional darkness their own choice ? Or are life circumstances beyond their control ? while dippression  , and other physcological diseases ,are certainly a clinical illness and should not me minimised , there are also factors that contribute to feeling down that you can influence .
here are some of the reasons you may be unhappy, and suggestions to get back to you r natural form and always shine like sunshine .
One of the point is we  worry as much ;- .WORRY creates inner turmoil . It  is like a rocking chair moving feverishly, . but going nowhere . Worrying does not create action, it freezes you so much so that you  are unable to think clearly and make changes to ensure  the negative outcomes never happens.
your energy would be better utilized in changing things that you can control, and letting rest go.
"Do not  worry !Be happy! " T…

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